Interview: James Shore and Boundary Objects

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Episode one described the idea of “boundary objects.” In this episode, I interview James Shore as he describes how he’s used the idea in his own work as an old-school Agile consultant. Juicy descriptions of creating good-enough shared understanding.
James Shore: website, The Art of Agile Development, AOAD book club, twitter


Susan Leigh Star, This is Not a Boundary Object: Reflections on the Origin of a Concept, 2010
Jeff Patton: website, story mapping articles, story mapping book, twitter
Gojko Adzic: website, book on impact mapping, impact mapping website, twitter
Diana Larson: website, twitter
Alistair Cockburn: website, twitter
Jessica Kerr: website, twitter, symmathesy
Michael Feathers: website, twitter

Miro collaboration app a collaboration app mimics more properties of physical space


A Patton-style story map
An Adzic-style impact mapping
A Shore-style cluster map
A sequence diagram


Shoreline image by Flickr user dronepicr, CC BY 2.0
Interview: James Shore and Boundary Objects
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