A podcast about how people have applied ideas from outside software to software.

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/Seeing Like a State/, part 3: the users, the clients

In this episode, I hope to give you some helpful hints about *actually* improving the lives of the users of the software you create. Or, if you’re the kind of “change ...

/Seeing Like a State/, part two: recognizing your High Modernist eidolon

We in software are prone to "Seeing Like a State". It's easy to adopt that perspective despite good intentions. How can you realize that's what you're doing?

James C. Scott’s /Seeing Like a State/, part one

An introduction to the core ideas of Scott's /Seeing Like a State/. Three examples. Nothing about software yet.

Interview: Glenn Vanderburg on engineering

In episode 12, I used the chapter in /Image and Logic/ about Monte Carlo methods to argue that analogies of software development to engineering are not helpful. Glenn ...

Interview: Mark Seemann on /Blindsight/ and /Thinking, Fast and Slow/

How two books influenced Danish software designer Mark Seemann to get the non-rational part of his brain working on his side.

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