A podcast about how people have applied ideas from outside software to software.

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E17: James C. Scott’s /Seeing Like a State/, part one

An introduction to the core ideas of Scott's /Seeing Like a State/. Three examples. Nothing about software yet.

Interview: Glenn Vanderburg on engineering

In episode 12, I used the chapter in /Image and Logic/ about Monte Carlo methods to argue that analogies of software development to engineering are not helpful. Glenn ...

Interview: Mark Seemann on /Blindsight/ and /Thinking, Fast and Slow/

How two books influenced Danish software designer Mark Seemann to get the non-rational part of his brain working on his side.

BONUS: Lord, preserve us from totalizing systems

Why *are* teams stuck in hierarchical and commercial exchange economies, when they'd be happier and just as productive if the example of the previous episode were the ...

David Graeber’s three kinds of economies

David Graeber claims every society contains a mixture of variations on three types of economies: hierarchy, exchange, and "baseline communism". The context for softwar...

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